Aims and Objectives


"To develop future-ready global youth who will enhance society through their scholastic achievements; possess a drive to excel and a compassion and understanding of the complex and uncertain world around them."


To develop students who will:
  • Achieve the highest academic standards
  • Grow to be analytical and critical thinkers
  • Become compassionate and sensitive leaders


  • Safe and nurturing School environment that supports and encourages lifelong learning
  • Teachers who are professionally proficient and passionate educators
  • Resources and opportunities that enhance learning


Model School’s mission is "Education with Dedication".

We seek to educate students to be accountable, productive, and ethical citizens with the skills to think innovatively, reason critically, communicate effectively and engender in them a spirit of universal brotherhood, tolerance and a respect for all cultures. We nurture each child with devotion so that he garners the best values from the Indian spiritual heritage and other world customs and is ready to step out in today's challenging world. We believe that every child is unique and if fostered in an encouraging environment, will achieve the goals he is destined for. We strive for excellence in providing a conducive and purposeful atmosphere for pursuit of brilliance.

Our Goal

"To integrate our resources, methods and enterprises flawlessly into a venture that is symbiotic in nature and create a "win-win" situation for all our stakeholders, i.e. teachers, pupils, parents, management and service-providers and to develop and implement academic and administrative tactics in keeping with changing times and needs of our generation."