Principal's Message

“It brings us great pleasure to introduce you to our humble institute”
In our culturally plural society, education should foster universal and internal values oriented towards the unity and integration of our people. Such value education should help eliminate obscurantism, religious fanaticism, violence, superstition, and fatalism. The most important and urgent reform needed is to transform the existing system of education in order to strengthen national unity, promote social integration, accelerate economic growth and generate moral, social & spiritual values.
Keeping our nation's needs in mind, we have imbibed the Model School’s mantra of 'Do kadam aage' into every aspect of our school. By exploring and creating an environment filled with modern trends and a strong value system, we forever maintain a fair blend of tradition and modernity. We therefore affect change in society from its roots, by nurturing and influencing the future of our country to make them informed and responsible citizens of both the country and the world.

M.Sc.,M.A.(English,Lit.,Ling.), B.Ed,PGCTE,PGDTE