School Rule & Regulations

    Please Read Carefully

    General Rules for Student

  • Be smart & obedient always come to school in full uniform..

  • Dresses up properly Low waist pants/tunics are not allowed.

  • Be the reading, writing & learning assignments daily .

  • Be descent lean to talk in low tone and politely.

  • Behave properly with all. Obey the teachers and elders.

  • Converse in English only in school premises.

  • Send an application signed by parents/guardian showing the real cause of absence .Appear in all test and examinations

  • Be present and participate in all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Violating rules is punishable.

  • Maintain silence during study time & School campus.

  • Bring napkin, water bottle & lunch box, don’t bring money.

  • Respect all, follow the rules and maintain discipline.

  • Get the hair cut properly (Boys).Girls-tie hair in two plaits.

  • Don’t bring mobile phone or any other gadgets & Moped /Bike in school.

  • Don’t enter into other classrooms.

  • Don’t shout and whistle and use abusing words in school premises.

  • Don’t damage the furniture, school toilet, electric items and other school property.

  • Don’t argue with the teachers haughtily.

  • Note :In case of violating any rule the Principal's decision shall be final.

    Suggestions to Parents

  • Pay the Fees regularly in time per month.

  • Inspire your ward to come to school regulary.

  • Time to contact on phone -Morning 7.30AM to 2.00PM.

  • Meeting time (with teachers) after school Daily 1/2 an hour.

  • Meeting time (Principal) 1.30 to 2.30PM.

  • Note down the complaints in register in office.

  • Check the attendance of your ward regulary.

  • Don't allow your ward to use mobilephone or other electronic gadgets/mopad/bike.

  • Check their Class work & homework regulary.

  • Don't give the hibit of tution to your ward.

  • Don't give any money to buy eatables from outside.

  • Pay attention to notice send and reply timely.

  • Don't Discuss or argue matters in the office .

  • Send Complete food in tiffin .

  • Violating rules is not expected.